Sometimes a picture just hits you. The feeling you get when you first see it can be extraordinary. It’s a purely personal moment. Just for you. Thats the kind of art I strive for when I am asked to do a commission.

You might have a particular place you want to capture, or a favourite colour you want to relax into, or maybe you want to be surprised!

We can talk through what you want and like. I often do prep sketches to try out ideas, agree the composition, and then as I complete the commission I keep you in the loop. I send you work in progress updates, agree price ( no surprises!) and check any specific points with you so it really is a joint effort.

I have done landscapes, pets, houses, portraits and conceptual work. Each piece is a reflection of the eventual owner, centred on them and their response.

Devil’s Chimney (2021) acrylics and ink 100cm x70cm
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