On your marks…


No excuses now….I’m doing the MA in September….yesssssssssssssss 


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i’ve been in the Old charcoal again… Here’s a selection.


Charcoal sketch of Brixham breakwater 


loving the costumes in the new Cinderella film…I’ve had a go at some sketches too…

Neither rhyme nor reason

april approaches…NaPoWriMo once more. This will be year three for me…

Three is the magic number,

 to rhyme in April, a wordy spell, 

and with each cycle I do wonder,

 if my verse will scan  as well.


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Acrylics’ photographed and digitally manipulated




A quick sketch of a classmate of Elder’s. Who said wheelchairs make you go slow?

Me, myself and I

i haven’t really ever dabbled in the soulful gazes of self portraiture but the last few weeks have been filled with introspection and so I find myself looking at myself. And so I draw. And here it is. It’s done using watercolour pencils on a was background. Never used these pens before mind, but I’m loving them. A lot.