Mug shot


Sometimes just sometimes caffeine alone isn’t enough…for those days when life is just too much may I introduce my ‘tea and sympathy’ mug…quotes to rev you up of a morning…thank goodness for Sharpies…

Life in blue

Although im finding myself drawn back to the familiar arms of Stitch This, I will try to blog here instead. Thursday’s are Art Days when I do my life class. Want to see the product of today? Skip over to sketches to have a look…here’s a detail

Post haste!



Well, I said I’d have a go and here they are…four art postcards available via my etsy shop for sale….there’s only a couple of sets for now just to see if anyone actually want them but if a success I’ll get more done. Let me know what you think….


My first post as Pollie….where will this site take me I wonder. Stitch This changed my life. It saw me move from business consultancy to artist and quilt seller. It saw my family grow from two to four. It charted my creeping Parkinson’s. And it has introduced me to new friends, skills and ideas. Pollie has a lot to live up to. But then, don’t we all.

If you are reading this after following the link from Stitch This, thank you. I hope you will stick with me. Let’s see where we can get to this time.

Real life

I’m thinking of producing some postcards based on my life drawings. What do you think?

Night out

I haven’t knitted in ages but I still turn up to the knitting club I have been a member of for the last few years. Today I intended to knit, I really did, but instead I did a fairly sketchy sketch. It’s not Hoch Arte but it captures the sociability, cake and colours a night knitting can bring. Enjoy, I did!



I started a life class today… here’s a couple of things I produced. #1 I did in class, the second at home. I think I’m going to enjoy this.



Tower of salt

…and a another technique that I know all you proper artists out there will have been using for years, but I’ve heard of today for the first time… Sprinkling salt onto watercolour. I then used it as a background to do a Pen and ink of a tower. I’m calling this one “salted away”. Arf. Loving the effect tho.


And a daft squirrel…