Masked ball


My first time with masking fluid and then playing with the sharpies I got for Christmas….

Words and pictures


Experimenting with putting words and pictures together…here a self portrait together with words used in my poems. It was interesting to have a go at. Perhaps choose colours to correspond with the words used? Hmmmm…

J is for journal

I’m learning as I go here and everyone tells me sketchbooks are vital resources so here’s the start of my ‘Sunday best’ book. I will stick the good, interesting or frankly rubbish but thought provoking sketches I do. And notes. A sort of diary too then. Cool.

In the ink


This portrait surprised me by turning out so dark. It is pen and ink with ink used on my fingers to get the background depth. I think I like it!!

There’s a light…



A new idea…hand drawn light shades depicting homes…this is a prototype. Thoughts?

Mixed media 1.0

I have been Experimenting with mixed media using old papers, stamps, vintage inks and bits and bobs I have lying around in my enormous sewing stash. This is a first attempt which I am thinking may well turn into the first in a series. What do you think?

Another idea



And a variation on said idea….this will be for sale soon 🙂

An idea


Quilts are a slight obsession…this is an idea I’m hatching…

Might as well be hung…

There is an exhibition coming up and I’m auditioning some pieces…these two are darker than normal but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Based on views in Brixham these are about looking away into the distance … Any thoughts would be appreciated – I’m new at this remember!

Looking down