I’m ready for my close-up…

Two 5 minutes sketches done this evening and then played with on my iPad. I’ll give you the original sketch and the finished article in each case. Which is your preference?


Colour and dark

so, today, I was playing with charcoal and acrylic. I’ve also been looking at colour theory and trying to apply it. What do you think?    

Off the fence

I am practising drawing. But my style keeps on coming through. Love it or hate it? 


Put my stamp on it

It is fair to say that stamping has a bit of “twee” reputation. Visions of Care Bears et cetera. However, I think you can do a lot with stamping. This is stamping on canvas board with acrylic and digital enhancement. I’m liking it. It is called “new look”. .

And some prep shots to show detail and some of the background work.




and early start to the day… Here’s what I’ve been up to recently



I’ve  been using a normal gel pen recently. A bit of water…simple lines…clean and quick… 





So this week marks the beginning of term for my art class. I’ve joined drawing as well as life. This week’s projects have focused on tone and using pen and ink rather than paints. I hope you enjoy.