Lucky Flowers (2020)

The start of lockdown was a strange time. This is my reaction. It is on the face of it a flower arrangement. Relaxed and informally arranged in a jar. It is on one level exactly that.
It belies the sense of confusion and panic I felt at the announcement of virtual house arrest in March 2020. The clue is in the level of detail in the painting. I started it as a ‘normal’ still life but as I progressed I realised that my time was expanding because I was stuck at home. I delved into the details to help me cope. I experimented with new techniques and styles within the picture and I unconsciously referenced my own home, in the background in particular.
Overall, it is my memoir of lockdown and how we got through it, hence the title, Lucky Flowers.

Watercolour and acrylic on canvas board

Price unframed £350

Dimensions approx 300mm by 420mm

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