But seriously…

I’m learning a lot on this MA. I have already discussed how I’ve come to realize that seriousness in approach increases the chances of a serious i.e. Considered response. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Seriously.

Today we had a lecture about photography compared to painting. It was almost metaphysical in content. I loved it. And it reinforced my embryonic realization that perhaps, just perhaps, I am not a charlatan. Perhaps I can do this.

So, here is something that I’ve been working on…a life painting rescaled and mixed with my image archive. A post modem stained glass window for today’s gods and behaviors. Does it make you think? What? I’d love to know.


Different strokes

So, I am on a painting retreat. OH is very kindly looking after the boys while I spend a weekend away, equipped with paints, pastels, paper and, I hope, purpose. I even read an academic text on Mondrian and how he developed his style on the way down here. Want to see this week’s life class effort? I’m pleased with the colour mixing, I’m trying to keep it all light, fresh and relaxed. As soon as a get intense my pictures go down the tubes. Better to keep it chilled. Well, that’s my analysis. Clearly I haven’t quite absorbed the lingo of art academia quite yet. Which, I think, is a good thing. 



 To Life class… I mixed skin tones ok-ish !!!! Yay!


Put my stamp on it

It is fair to say that stamping has a bit of “twee” reputation. Visions of Care Bears et cetera. However, I think you can do a lot with stamping. This is stamping on canvas board with acrylic and digital enhancement. I’m liking it. It is called “new look”. .

And some prep shots to show detail and some of the background work.