Face up

Art is a funny old thing. Sometimes you think you’re doing ok. Others you think what you produce is pants. Today I had both….I love my life drawing class but it is challenging and the other people are just sooooooo good. Here’s a selection of today’s work….I must admit to highs and lows today. My favourite is the line drawing, my prep sketch in fact. I just want to be able to capture that feel in a more accomplished manner….sigh. Any ideas?


I’m ready for my close-up…

Two 5 minutes sketches done this evening and then played with on my iPad. I’ll give you the original sketch and the finished article in each case. Which is your preference?


Me, myself and I

i haven’t really ever dabbled in the soulful gazes of self portraiture but the last few weeks have been filled with introspection and so I find myself looking at myself. And so I draw. And here it is. It’s done using watercolour pencils on a was background. Never used these pens before mind, but I’m loving them. A lot.