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Do you sketch?

If you do, do you sketch every day? It’s totally addictive. I used to take a paperback with me if I knew I was going somewhere that involved a wait. Nowadays I bring my lovely Venetian Fabriano sketchbook with me everywhere. And I use it. And I find that practice, while not making perfect, makes me looser and more direct in my drawing. I’ve speeded up and that’s helping with my observation skills.

So, if you are interested in drawing, perhaps you are just starting out, go get a sketch book, get some pens and pencils and go and LOOK at something and get it down on paper.

I read somewhere that if you don’t want passers-by to stare you go sit with your back against the wall. Then they can’t hover behind you! I’ve tried it. It works.

But seriously…

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I’m learning a lot on this MA. I have already discussed how I’ve come to realize that seriousness in approach increases the chances of a serious i.e. Considered response. I’ve been thinking about it a lot. Seriously.

Today we had a lecture about photography compared to painting. It was almost metaphysical in content. I loved it. And it reinforced my embryonic realization that perhaps, just perhaps, I am not a charlatan. Perhaps I can do this.

So, here is something that I’ve been working on…a life painting rescaled and mixed with my image archive. A post modem stained glass window for today’s gods and behaviors. Does it make you think? What? I’d love to know.



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the sketch is the view from a table in a shop in a village in the Cotswolds. I could tell you where but it’s not important really. Plus, there are only three small tables so if we all turned up together they would be a little overrun. And this shop is a sanctuary. It is remote, warm, full of goodies, close to my best friend’s house. And no phone signal. Perfect. I sat in this shop this week and listened to the silence. It was exactly the right thing at the right time. The type of silence you get next to a fire, with a dog sleeping at your feet. An enveloping shawl of silence.  So I drew the silence. Then I drew the rest.