Me, myself and I

i haven’t really ever dabbled in the soulful gazes of self portraiture but the last few weeks have been filled with introspection and so I find myself looking at myself. And so I draw. And here it is. It’s done using watercolour pencils on a was background. Never used these pens before mind, but I’m loving them. A lot.

Tower of salt

…and a another technique that I know all you proper artists out there will have been using for years, but I’ve heard of today for the first time… Sprinkling salt onto watercolour. I then used it as a background to do a Pen and ink of a tower. I’m calling this one “salted away”. Arf. Loving the effect tho.


And a daft squirrel…


Masked ball


My first time with masking fluid and then playing with the sharpies I got for Christmas….

Might as well be hung…

There is an exhibition coming up and I’m auditioning some pieces…these two are darker than normal but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Based on views in Brixham these are about looking away into the distance … Any thoughts would be appreciated – I’m new at this remember!

Looking down