One more off the list…

So, I have always always always wanted to attend The Slade Art School in London. I have this image of cool intensity, of black clothes and cool uncaring insouciance, of well, just being a ‘real’ artist. I have no idea why I lit upon The Slade and tbh I haven’t investigated it too much because there’s no harm in my daydreams and they give me pleasure.

Anyway, This week I have fulfilled this particular lifetime ambition, albeit remotely, after taking their week long Developing Your Painting Practice online course. Wonderful, packed full, informative and I was right about the intensity. But, oh, so worth it. You can find out about the courses here

Despite contracting Covid on the Monday I have done the whole course and am feeling very positive about my next plans. Watch this space, please! In the meantime here are some images.

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