Masked ball


My first time with masking fluid and then playing with the sharpies I got for Christmas….

Words and pictures


Experimenting with putting words and pictures together…here a self portrait together with words used in my poems. It was interesting to have a go at. Perhaps choose colours to correspond with the words used? Hmmmm…

Mixed media 1.0

I have been Experimenting with mixed media using old papers, stamps, vintage inks and bits and bobs I have lying around in my enormous sewing stash. This is a first attempt which I am thinking may well turn into the first in a series. What do you think?

Might as well be hung…

There is an exhibition coming up and I’m auditioning some pieces…these two are darker than normal but I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Based on views in Brixham these are about looking away into the distance … Any thoughts would be appreciated – I’m new at this remember!

Looking down