Cheltenham open studios 2021

Venue 24!

Launch of P, a poetry book

There was a new poet from the cotswolds
Who got Parkinson’s although not old
She’s not geriatric
But that image does stick
So put your assumptions on hold.

This collection of 20 Parkinson’s related poems aims to show what it is REALLY like. It is funny in places and serious in others . It goes on sale on Saturday 25 September. Please DM for more info and to,place pre orders.

OXO Gallery, London

OXO gallery, South Bank, London
From August 17 to mid September.

I had a piece in the Parkinson’s. Art show in August.. I have also posted onto myInstagram account about it. There is a real and virtual show. Over 13500 people came to the show.



A virtual exhibition hosted by ArtShape in response to the concept of Hope in today’s post Covid world.

Perfection 2

Continuing the idea of perfection, this piece considers how life is a game of chance. We do not choose our beginnings, genetic lot, or predispositions. We play the cards dealt to us.

Game of chance

Hope 1.0

Hope in a Jar

Part of the Art Shape Emergents’ programme this piece is my response to their call out for work that reflects the concept of ‘hope’.

The piece is of a set of paints created by analysing the sunrise from my bedroom by means of time lapse photography and paint and colour matching apps. These colours are a distillation of the dawn that I see each morning and that gives me hope for that day’s challenges.

Playing on the old Revlon slogan, this is literally ‘hope in a jar’.

All Perfection is False

My entry to the ArtShape organized ArtBridge Emergents competition judged by PJ Crook.

all perfection is false

The piece is a meditation on how perfection can only be obtained by artificial means and that authenticity is thus a celebration of humanity and our imperfections. It was inspired by a review of an AI photo editing app. Perfect pictures could be yours if you used this app, the reviews promised. Perfection only achieved by AI. How strange.

I made a real painting then fed it through the app a few times and the final ‘perfect’ version is only possible digitally. It is not ‘real’ or tangible. Hence its beauty is false, it’s perfection a trick.

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