make space for creativity…watching a videoed edition of the BBC documentary on the creative brain…there are some ideas here that I fully recognise such as avoid routines and/or do something else but nothing too tricky so that your mind can wander. I do this, I walk or try to think about quilt patterns or just try to lie still (this is my 3am technique). The final technique is to purposely change the order of events in a process, literally turn things upside down.

In the past I was responsible for creative solutions in a large financial advisory business. I always, and I mean always, looked at problems from an alternative viewpoint. Now I know I’m quite boringly normal when it comes to dreative thinking and behaviour.  I don’t know whether to be happy (yay, I am naturally creative , yay) or annoyed (boo, I’m a statistic, I behave to pattern, boo).

Whatever, here’s what I created as I watched the programme…mind duly wandering. Off to incorporate it in a collage I’m making for a friend.


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