And for my encore…

So, it’s been a week since my episodes of Channel 4’s Drawers Off were aired. Overall, it was lovely to see the final edits, I was heartened to see that my work was comparable to the other (excellent) artists and that 3rd parties unknown to me (ie not my partner or my friends) liked and responded to my pieces.

I did think that my approach to composition and colour was different to the other contestants (not really a surprise, if we were the same it would be BORING) – it was very interesting to compare my inner critique to what they were saying. And of course, seeing yourself on screen is just weird.

I am now asking myself whether I want to leverage these appearances. Do I want to do workshops and classes with ‘as seen on TV’ on the posters. I don’t know.

I DO however, want to use the exposure to let other people,know what a person with chronic, serious, health issues can and will do given half a chance. I don’t work due to my illness. The idea of me holding down a ‘normal’ job is laughable. But still, art provides me with a sense of purpose, a status in the eyes of others (and I’m sorry, but I want a status) and a challenge outside of myself. I used to be good at my job. Now I’m good at this. I think. I hope.

So, I will refer to the programme from time to time I think but in the context of artwork made as a form of advocacy for Parkinson’s patients and those of us with neurological conditions like my hydrocephalus and meningioma . Really, my brain is just such a rebel. Typical.

And that’s the wonderful thing about art. It can destroy boundaries, save your sanity and communicate complex emotions and messages in simple terms. I love what it has given me, including my Drawers Off pinny, hanging on my studio door. And that’s a wrap.

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