Out of the Blue

Finally, Hope (2022)

To London and tonight is the private view of the Parkinson’s.Art show ‘out of the blue’ which is transferring from The Reader in Liverpool to the OXO Gallery in London. It will open to the public at 11am on 17 August.

I have 3 entries into the show. The first is the picture above. It is called ‘Finally, Hope’.

The myth of Pandora’s Box reminds us that even in the midst of despair, Hope remains. I made this picture using a base colour from an earlier Covid-related installation called Hope 1.0 – my thought here is that Hope remains and continues to shine but there is the risk that it can be separated from us by other factors. I wanted to capture my current moods of realism and urgency when it comes to advocacy.

It is being auctioned online to raise some funding for Parkinsons research. If you want to bid please click the button!

The second entry is my poem, Blueprint, which compares emotional versus rational, organized responses to having PD. Here it is.

The third piece is not mine to reveal so I will hold off….watch this space though!

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