I can only tell my story

This year long project is about exploring my chronic long term disease and its effects on my life in an attempt to improve our connection with each other.

These were the original parameters.

  • the project will last 12 months, beginning in January 2022.
  • every day I will measure and record a range of objective and comparable health indicators *
  • every 30 days I will release a piece of work that explores an aspect of dealing with chronic life changing disease **
  • My progress towards each piece will be shared via Instagram and on this website
  • At the end of the project all the pieces and the data will be shown together.

My aim was to share with you what having a chronic disease is really like for me. My world has changed to accommodate my health. I hope that my honesty will give you a better understanding of what this really means and in turn, this will make and strengthen our connections with each other.

* The reality of my health is that I have altered the parameters to recognize that I just haven’t been able to collect all the data I wanted to. I am collecting but not as I’d originally planned because I have found that the level of detail was too high to be sustainable.

** the work has and is being produced but I have not kept to the 30 day release schedule. Again, health has hindered me.

Daily indicators

These will help me to document the progression of my disease throughout the year. I am doing this to provide a context, unifying the individual pieces.

Click the button for more on the indicators chosen.

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